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B-E AGGRESSIVE, but B-E SMART When Selecting Your Next Rental.


Renting in Orlando can be a super competitive experience. With more Americans choosing to rent rather than buy, the average median rent is on the rise, and to couple that you’ve chosen a desirable city! It’s easy to find great listings (check out our listings here), but landing one can be a little trickier.

Have you already gotten burned, having been so close to obtaining your dream home before someone snatched it up? It’s true – you need to be aggressive when you find what you want, but what you don’t want to do is rush into a big decision because you feel the pressure to land the deal. Despite the competitive market, there is a home out there for you!

Surface level stuff is easy to spot when looking at your potential dream home. You see the picture online, do a drive by and you decide, “It’s perfect, it’s the right price. And, it has the walk-in closets I wanted…” You’re getting excited and you want to snag it before someone else does. Taking a quick second to ask yourself some deeper questions can ensure you are making the right personal and financial decision!

How to make sure you’re looking at your dream home: Ask yourself these questions!

• Look up the YELP or Facebook reviews of the complex. What do previous / current tenants think?
• Ask about maintenance. What is the average response time for a work order and how do you submit them? If you are trusting them with the care of your property, make sure you are going to be in good hands.
• Ask about utility costs. What does it really cost to live here?
• How old is the home? Will things need maintenance more frequently?
• What’s the neighborhood going to do in the next year?
• Review your checklist – does it REALLY have what you need, and if not are you willing to sacrifice that?

Asking yourself these key questions will help you determine if you’ve actually found “the one” for you.

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