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Renovating Essentials: Item List

Plan on remodeling your home during the off-season? It’s not a bad idea, but you have to be prepared with a plan, a budget, a design, and all the essential tools you need to make it a reality. We have a list of essential tools and items you will need for any remodeling project, and trust us, it’ll save you more trips to the hardware store than you can imagine. Here we go!

1. Solid-steel framing hammer with ripping claw:
A handy tool you will need for demolition since it’s made of solid steel its the strongest hammer you can get. It’s relatively lightweight and typically comes with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Safety Glasses:
A simple tool, and inexpensive but probably one of the most important items you’ll need. Safety first ladies and gentleman, not poking your eyes out. It’s a good idea to get multiple pairs of these glasses in case you need a hand with a friend or a pair goes missing.

3. Extension cords:
These things are useful to have even when you aren’t in the middle of renovation projects. You will want to grab one long (50 ft. or longer) and one short (25-ft) extension cord. Make sure both have a gauge that’s large enough to handle the amperage of your largest power tool as well. We’d hate to see you get all set up with a power tool only to find you can’t reach.

4. Measuring Tape:
You will be measuring baseboards in your sleep once you start remodeling, so it’s best to have this tool on day-one.

5. Sweeper:
This is a more unique item among the list of things we suggest for renovation. However, it is very important. Making sure you have a sweeper is a good way to keep your workspace clean and orderly, thus removing any threats of old nails to the foot and tripping over poorly placed items and cords.

6. Stud Finder:
Once you’ve past the hurdles of renovating and dived into the world of decorating you find that it is best to know where all your wall studs are before you start — to save your time and your walls with a stud finder! A magnetic stud finder will beep when it locates the nails in the boards, saving you time and energy from knocking on all the walls.

In general, we know these items are self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised to find that even the most common tools are overlooked when you’ve got a big list of items not to forget for the project itself. Hopefully this will save you a couple trips to the hardware store! Good Luck.

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