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The Spring Real Estate Rush Is Fast Approaching.

It may have felt like winter these last few weeks in Orlando but take a look at the calender and you see spring is right around the corner. You know what that means, real estate is gonna be a hot topic on everyone’s mind. So how can landlord and prospective renters take advantage of this yearly event?

For Landlords

– Get your property market ready. This may include paint, flooring, appliances and landscaping. There will be a lot of competition, so your home must be at it’s best at all time’s.

– Your marketing should be fresh with updated pictures and recent events in the neighborhood such as new stores, parks or school openings.

– Organization is key in these hot real estate market’s. You must have your accounts payable’s and receivables ready for new renters and repairs from the previous tenants.

– Have a number of vendors lined up to do repairs and emergency work. This will save you time and your property when a pipe breaks and water is flooding your home.

– Pre screen any possible tenants thoroughly. Look for bad credit, criminal record and renting history to make sure you don’t get stuck with a bad tenant.

– If you are a out of town landlord you will need to find a competent property management staff to take care of all that I listed above.

For Renter’s

– Take a look at your credit history to get an understanding of what your financial status is and how you can improve.

– Plan out a budget so you know what you can pay as your maximum rent.

– Get all of your documents together such as bank statements, tax forms, pay stubs and rental history documents. These will all be needed in your pursuit of a new home.

– Some things to look for in a new home are size, proximity to school/work.  Also keep an eye out for maintenance issues such as building structure, electrical and plumbing.

– Read the lease thoroughly so you know what your responsible for and what your landlord is responsible for.


– The tenant landlord relationship should be nothing to fear, taking these precautions will make the whole process smooth and allow both parties to feel comfortable with who they are doing business with.


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